Call for Nominations - 2018

Regional Representatives
Reps are sought for the following regions, to take up post immediately and to serve for four years.

  • South East
  • Scoland
  • Wales

The job description for the role is:

  • To co-ordinate CPSIG activities in the Region by disseminating information to members and non-members in their Region.
  • To encourage local and regional peer review.
  • To organise at one CPSIG Regional study day a year.
  • To contribute to national CPSIG conference programme. CPSIG contributes towards the BACCH annual scientific meeting and has a specialty session at the RCPCH annual conference.
  • To attend the annual CPSIG Regional Reps’ meeting/AGM (usually held at the BACCH Annual Scientific Meeting) to share information on regional activities.
  • To maximise membership of CPSIG.
  • To champion the SPIN (special interest) module in safeguarding.
  • The Regional Representative will be elected for a period of three years. This may be extended by a maximum of a further two years, if no other candidate stands for election.

Deadline for applications: ongoing

How to apply for posts

  1. Candidates must be members of CPSIG.
  2. Please send a CV (three pages max) along with a brief statement (250 words max) outlining your experience and reasons for wanting to take up the role.
  3. Send applications and queries to Isabelle Robinson (CPSIG Administrator) at [email protected]
  4. If more than one suitable applicant applies for a position, your statement will be sent to the whole membership (or region for the Regional Rep roles) and a vote will take place.
  5. In the event of only one name being submitted, no election will take place and the sole nominee will be deemed elected.