Meetings & Events

Forthcoming CPSIG events

28-30 April 2020

Details & date of CPSIG session at 2020 RCPCH Annual conference to follow

tbc National Child Protection Conference 2020

Other events



St Mary's SARC Forensic and Medical Examinations in Rape and Sexual Assault Course
ALSG Child Protection: Recognition and Response (CPRR)
2-3 Dec 2019 RCPCH Expert Witness in Child Protection: Developing excellence London
22 April 2020 RCPCH Statement and Report Writing (Safeguarding Level 3) Edinburgh

Previous CPSIG events

Date Event Presentations (if available)/ Topics
07 Nov 2019 National Child Protection Conference
13 May 2019 CPSIG-Standing Cttee session a RCPCH Annual Conference  
14 March 2018 Child Protection Session at RCPCH Conference  
24 May 2017 Child Protection Session at the RCPCH Annual Conference (pages 17-19)  
27 April 2016 Child Protection session at RCPCH Annual Conference  
19 May 2015 SW Thames Study Day: Safeguarding Children Practice Development
  • Prevention and Protection for Vulnerable Babies
  • Tips for engaging an acute hospital trust in child safeguarding
  • GP Safeguarding Made Easy- Lessons from 22 GP safeguarding management reviews
  • Child Safeguarding Inspection
  • Safeguarding and Complaints
28 April 2015 CPSIG session at the RCPCH Annual Conference  
20 Nov 2014 South West Study Day: Challenges in Child Protection
  • Burns and Child Maltreatment
  • Responding when a child dies: Keeping safeguarding in mind
  • GMC Safeguarding Children Guidance
11 Nov 2014 SW Thames Study Day: Child Sexual Abuse Paediatric Practice Review
  • CSA Reviews
  • Learning Lessons from Operation Bullfinch
18 June 2014 SW Thames CPSIG Study Day - Safeguarding Updates  
19 May 2014 Peer Review in Practice
  • Complex Physical Abuse
  • Neglect and Emotional Neglect
  • Pre-pubertal CSA
  • Pubertal CSA/ rape
  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Female Genital Mutilation
18 Nov 2013 Peer Review in Practice
  • importance and benefits of peer review
  • different models of peer review in use
  • role of peer review in quality improvement through developing and maintaining
18 Nov 2013 SW Thames CPSIG Study Day Safeguarding Children’s Wellbeing
29 July 2013 SW Thames CPSIG Study Day Child Sexual Abuse, for paediatricians- named and designated doctors colleagues from sexual health medicine and gynaecology
7 June 2013 RCPCH Conference: Joint session with BAPA/BACCH & BAAP Safeguarding: Effective interventions for Children
21 Nov 2012 Study Day: Safeguarding Children and Young People Update  
16 Oct 2012 West Midlands Regional Meeting  
22 Feb 2012 West Midlands Regional Meeting
  • Draft TOR for Regional peer Review at these meetings (based on recent RCPCH paper)
  • Paediatric Health Visitor Liaison
  • Serious Case Review – a Health Overview
  • Peer Review (4 cases)
18 Oct 2011

West Midlands Regional Meeting


  • Feedback from BACCH Meeting 11-12 Oct 2011
  • How do we talk to children
  • Peer review (5 cases; 4 new and one feedback)
23 Feb 2011

West Midlands Regional Meeting

  • Feedback from CPSIG Study Day on Neglect
  • Peer review
  • Oro-nasal haemorrhage
26 Nov 2009 CPSIG Study Day: Peer Review

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